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How to: Export AD Connect sync errors to a CSV file

You look into the export errors of an connector in AD connect, found 100+ sync related errors and want these export errors into a CSV file.

To get this job done, open CMD on the AD connect server as an admin.

Then jump to the folder “Microsoft Azure AD Sync\Bin” with:

cd "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure AD Sync\Bin"

Enter the following command and choose an preferred location.

CSExport “connectorname” C:\temp\Export-Errors.xml /f:x

Now we got the export errors as a .xml file. Run the last command to convert this to a .csv file.

CSExportAnalyzer C:\temp\Export-Errors.xml > C:\temp\Export-Errors.csv

Well done, you got the export errors as a CSV file!

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